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The onboarding process

by Felicitas Obermeyer - November 17th, 2017

The first few days in the new company

Following the articles of how our recruitment process works and about how to prepare for an interview, we want to write about the next step, namely the onboarding process. Here it is. The first days in your new job. This is where the onboarding process begins. Onboarding contains of constant communication, feedback and first performance measurement. It is full of opportunities to explore the company you’ve joined, to get to know the colleagues you are working together with and of course the new job you’ll take over.
You will have many questions. It will be daunting. It has been, it is and it will be for every new employee. But don’t be afraid. Allianz is the place where people and performance matter. There are plenty of ways to get on board and to make you feel being a part of the company.

Ask your manager about the tasks you need to learn, the tools you need to be trained on, the portals and applications you need to have access to and the people you should meet.

Find out what is expected from you within the next days, the next weeks and months and what you need to to in order to be able to fulfill these expectations. Based on this information you can create an onboarding plan with a timetable. As a next step schedule the first meetings with colleagues for an general onboarding and a proper handover.

Ask, ask, ask!

This is the time to ask questions. You can still enjoy the ‘puppy protection’: Nobody expects that you recreate the wheel within the first days and nobody expects that you already know everything. So go ahead and make the most out of it and ask whatever you need to ask. Now it is the right time to build the basic knowledge structure in which you can grow.
As always, the best is to start small – within your team and the closest colleagues around you.

Questions which now need to be answered can be:

  • Who is who in your team?
  • Who is responsible for which tasks?
  • How is the team structured?
  • What are priorities for this year?
  • What are the expectations and main challenges short-term and long-term?
  • And who of your peers and colleagues can help you to guide you through the first days?

The answer of the last question will be the person who will be very valuable and helpful for your successful onboarding process.
This person is probably also the one who can give you hints where to find out everything about the overall structure of the company. You might want to ask where you can find the organizational structure, the company’s strategy and this year’s priorities. What is the big picture? What are the values? What does the organization stand for? And, how is your job connected to all that?

Join the Welcome Days

Most of the HR teams at Allianz offer so-called Introduction Days or Welcome Days on which all new starters, no matter from which department or background gather together for one or more days. At those workshops senior managers and experts tell you more about the company and history, introduce you to the most important units of the organization and present the departments they are coming from.
Try to network as much as possible at those events. It is always of help to know people from other business units and it will make your job more enjoyable and meaningful, the better you understand and discuss the daily challenges your colleagues deal with.
And, also make sure you have cleared all questions with your HR business partner, who is the go-to-person for all questions regarding your contract, time keeping, salary and work law. Your business partner probably also has an onboarding handbook handy, in which you find the most important information about your company straight-away.

Take part in trainings

At Allianz there is a variety of learning and ways of career development available, may them online or offline. Some trainings are mandatory anyways, like the Anti-Trust training. Most trainings, however, are on voluntary basis. AllianzU is a single global access point to unique training opportunities within Allianz. Gain new experience to close the knowledge gap which is between you and the job and to work on your career development from beginning on.
Be pro-active and strive for more insights about the company through joining different internal events, townhalls and speeches from the managers or experts within your company. Look out for the next opportunity on which you can listen to the CEO. Ask your colleagues what is next on their agenda and where to find the relevant information. Ask your HR business partner how you can stay up to date on upcoming trainings or network events Sometimes there are breakfasts or so-called ‘lunch & learn’ sessions for free, which give you the chance to dive into one specific topic easily during your normal work day.
A small, but important point: Make sure you are on all relevant email distribution lists to stay informed about the latest news in the company.

It can be fun!

From the first welcome to the HR paper work to the job understanding and expectations – the onboarding process can be really tricky. Be patient. Onboarding follows a learning curve. It is way more than the first few days in a new company. It is a process, an event from which you should make the most out of it.

Find out more on how you become part of us and read the top 5 tips for your first day at work.

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