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Career Mobility Stories: Ayleen

by Kaixuan Li - May 4th, 2018

Ayleen dares to seize the opportunity to learn more!

Ayleen Frete has joined Allianz Group 10 years ago. Currently, she works as a Regional Practice Leader at AGCS. We asked Ayleen in an interview about her career path and experiences at the HOME for those who DARE.


What kind of AGCS program(s) did you go through? (Mobility, Job shadowing, TDP, Navigator, Mentoring…)
I completed the Navigator program and found that this was a helpful stepping stone to think about my next career move. It sparked my enthusiasm for knowing how to develop myself and for thinking about roles with further responsibility. I also moved from Munich to London. Job mobility allowed me to explore new horizons in my career and has driven me to gain and apply new skills, as well as learn how to do business in a different country.

What drives your career and what inspires you?
My primary aim is to enjoy what I do and have fun working with my colleagues, as well as develop myself both personally and professionally as much as I can. I like learning new topics and working with diverse people all around the world. I see change as an opportunity to grow as a person and believe it is important to learn from every situation we find ourselves in.

Tell us about your experience! 

When I started to work at Allianz in Munich I didn’t expect I would stay so long but the international organisational culture paired with its forward-thinking approach to work motivated me to stay and open my mind to new topics and meet inspiring people. For example, Claire McDonald is an inspiring role model of leadership, of how to have a helpful attitude, and of identifying and recognizing talent.

What are your next steps in your career at AGCS? 

I would like to focus on reinforcing the sales strategy of our international insurance business and further strengthen AGCS broker relationships within the London market.

Kaixuan Li

Allianz SE

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